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A mountain lion was spotted in a central Napa neighborhood on Saturday. [and] the weapons to facilitate our needs and firepower to lay the motherfuckers down.”. In the early 1970s, gang fights — which were called race riots then — became more common inside the prisons. But within a few months, Nato got pinched for robbery, and with his long rap sheet, he got 39 years. . “She’s not liking it too much. Then at fourteen, Hernandez began to glimpse a different world. The idea was to create a music CD that would appeal to young Latinos and help recruit them into the ranks of the Nortenos, the breeding ground for hate toward the soldados of the Mexican Mafia. “I wanted to go face to face with all those attorneys,” he said. They’re dwarfed by La Eme, but decided to become highly organized.”. While the recognized Northern leaders detained in Pelican Bay are asking members to respect the authority of former leaders, they have been effectively stripped of their authority. Meanwhile, Daniel “Lizard” Hernandez is just one step away from his own day of reckoning, and from possibly reentering the outside world. Lizard hinted in his early letters that he’d be sending more important documents for his “legal case.” In actuality, he sent a list of code names using Aztec and Spanish words. A typical Norteño outfit might include a red belt, red shoes, and red shoelaces. Of course, once the hit list is reactivated, Lizard knows that his name will sit at the very top. If you ever want to help yourself, you can. But while prosecutors were assembling their final case against the gang, Lizard was drug-tested as part of the terms of his release. “I was all ready to go,” Lizard recalled later. He said he knows they may try to find him, but that he will not hide. “I can get a gun and go down and do it,” he boasted. “They were getting orders in and out of that prison in no time. Up to that point, Lizard had identified himself as a Sureño, but only when pressed. He complained again that his overhead was too high; he had to charge $3,200 per pound of meth, while his competitors were selling it at $2,600 to $2,800. But government agents said that Brown Bob actually had pulled away from the gang. According to Lizard and FBI informants, the accounts held up to $25,000. Monterey County”s deadliest gang has new leadership and a new constitution, forcing changes that law enforcement officers say is translating to increased violence in the streets. If he stayed in Corcoran, he’d have to watch his back for young Norteños. Any brother who steps outside and then returns is automatically put on probation. In May of 2001, Lizard met with Martin Ramirez, a gang member from Salinas. He smoked pot and tasted alcohol. FBI reports show that while on the federal payroll, Lizard performed unauthorized drug deals. “We ain’t gonna whack no prosecuting attorney,” Lizard said. Lizard initially followed his script and pushed for peace, according to the transcripts. Ultimately, Judge Charles Breyer denied Zilversmit’s motion. Gonzalo Rubalcaba (born May 27, 1963 in Havana,Cuba) is a jazz pianist. His father sold vacuum cleaners; his mother was a housewife. “And then I told him, ‘You know who I am. They had all their dirty laundry to air out and they were allowing those agendas to decide how they acted, what they wanted the gang to do, how they were conducting affairs within the gang. Finally, brothers were required to learn sign language so they could make the most of the one hour outside their cells. While Sanchez sipped beer, Frias met Martinez at his car. There was also the lean and smooth figure of Gerald "Cuete" Rubalcaba, the gang's most powerful captain, whose job inside Pelican Bay, a fellow gang member told the feds, was to "keister" the syndicate's constitution in his rectum, along with the master hit list which, by now, read fifty names long. Silent also provided Lizard with a stolen Dodge Durango to test-drive. In September, the final eight defendants pleaded guilty, following the first thirteen members indicted. Tex Hernandez and Gerald "Cuete" Rubalcaba, who are next in command under the gang generals, also face federal conspiracy to murder and racketeering charges. She was nicknamed “Crazy Girl” and had the moniker tattooed over her right kneecap, according to FBI documents. These Familianos could be considered the NF's board of directors … The thought of slashing his cousin made no sense. They made their beds, and so did Bob. He returned to San Quentin in June of 1994 to begin his sentence. Lizard said he shook the tail, but later needed to prove he was clean. He’d loaded up the hit list and was feuding with two of the generals while angling for a promotion. Lizard brushed aside Holguin’s offer. In hindsight, the move only solidified the stature of race-based gangs, said Daniel Vasquez, a former San Quentin prison warden and gang investigator. New soldiers became captains and generals by stabbing or killing people. Former leaders include James "Tibbs" Morado, Joseph "Pinky" Hernández, Gerald "Cuete" Rubalcaba, Cornelio Tristán and Tex Marín Hernández. . For penance, Cuete was allegedly ordered to write an essay on the consequences of being a gossip. Violence was averted in those cases, Gruel said. uncovered a hierarchy at Pelican Bay State Prison responsible for If you wish to change your alliance, you will still have to prove to Norteños you are worthy, and the Sureños will want to kill you for switching sides.”. After he was expelled, his parents sent him back north to live with an aunt in Pittsburg, where he continued to carouse. “It’s different for her,” he said. Sureños tended to be more-recent immigrants who often disparaged Norteños as second-generation Latinos who groveled for agricultural jobs and neglected their mother tongue, according to Joseph Hernandez, a criminal justice professor at Sacramento State University and expert in Latino gangs. The strings of evidence crossed, and the investigation grew, joined by the FBI and dubbed Operation Black Widow. Symbols and culture Assistant US Attorney Steven Gruel responded in court papers that federal agents couldn’t be blamed for failing to notify the victim, since “Sanchez already knew that he had serious problems with Heredia’s gang (in fact, he had been hiding).” Gruel also offered four instances in which Lizard’s testimony did lead FBI agents to inform Norteños they were marked for death. Need a drains expert? But recently, Lizard spoke on the phone with her, discussing their new lives. “They let in only the guys who followed the rules to the T, and bought into the cause. The history of that hit calls into question the government’s handling of Lizard. Lizard was then ordered to make a move on Jeremiah Ruiz, a Nuestra Familia dropout. “The guys I played with didn’t care Norteño, Sureño, or what side you were on. Almost two decades later, Lizard still recalls the clarity of that moment. While Nuestra Familia is primarily a Chicano gang, membership sometimes extends to other Latinos as well as non-Latinos. Days later, Big Smiley sent Lizard his own wilas, as well as books on Chicano history. Lizard had been hiding out along the East Coast, a snitch buried deep inside federal protective custody. At the time, the $5 million price tag and networking of thirty different law enforcement agencies made it the most expensive and largest investigation into a California prison gang. The unit requires pin-drop silence from its inmates. Lizard got away with it, and when Big Smiley emerged, he personally sponsored Lizard into Nuestra Familia. “You could see he was nervous,” Holguin said. “He was very concerned about his family’s safety, his safety. He and his team of agents tore through Lizard’s hotel room, looking for evidence to send him back to the clink — a bag of pot, a letter to a carnal, a bag of speed. When Lizard asked Goose about protection for the rings, the underling said, “I’ll produce the manpower . Lizard is unapologetic about his behavior, even today. The immediate and constant communication strengthened the gang. Tex was locked in a dispute with fellow NF bigwig at PBSP, Gerald “Cuete” Rubalcaba, over control of Monterey County, where Salinas is located. “We are not going to whack no DAs!”. . Permanent short link for Go Just The cases were spread across Northern California. His FBI handlers had been clear: Talk down violence at all costs. One of the highest-ranking defendants in the upcoming trial, slated for Sept. 13 in San Francisco, is Gerald "Cuete" Rubalcaba of Tulare County. These divisions weren’t just cultural. That was enough to send Holguin back to Lizard’s hotel room to make an arrest. Symbols and culture Norteño emblems and clothing are based on the color red. Symbols and culture [edit | edit source] Norteño emblems and clothing are based on the color red. Please subscribe to keep reading. There are witnesses and a video to prove it. Articles & Shopping. In 1968, in response to La Eme’s overwhelming power, a group of Norteños bonded together in the exercise yard of what was then named Soledad State Prison. I was doing it as a smokescreen. When the state-of-the-art super-max penitentiary opened in 1989, built exclusively for the state’s 2,800 most violent inmates, Governor George Deukmejian hailed it “a model for the rest of the nation.” Instead, it has become a model gang incubator. If you continue to listen to them, then you’ll be in there for life, too.’“. “The system certainly creates you, makes you decide. This time, Goose brought bar charts to show drug production and expected net profits. Since prisoners can’t mail one another, Lizard began writing Kayln Santiago, a friend from Boise. They were expected to smuggle in a copy of the Nuestra Familia constitution inside their legal folders and commit the document and its philosophy to memory. Articles & Shopping. The five who'll be spending life in a Federal penitentiary are Gerald "Cuete" Rubalcaba, James Morado, Cornelio "Comi" Tristan, Joseph Raymond "Pinky" Hernandez, and Tex "Terrible T" Hernandez. Daniel Hernandez attempts to alienate Henry Cervantes from imprisoned (NF) leader Gerald "Cuete" Rubalcaba by telling him falsely that Rubalcaba has deemed him (Cervantes) as being no good because he has betrayed the organization. For instance, if Lizard wrote “Hey Love,” that meant that every third word was part of the real message. “True to my nickname,” he said, “I’m chameleon-like, and can blend in.” He would be the highest-ranking brother on the streets, responsible for overseeing the gangs’ battalions and communicating back to the generals. And most of it hung on Lizard. Any Nuestra Familia member who betrayed his fellow carnals was subject to article two, section five of the group’s constitution: “AN AUTOMATIC DEATH SENTENCE WILL BE PUT ON FAMILIANO THAT TURNS TRAITOR, COWARD, OR DESSERTER” [sic]. He was still using meth and heroin, on-again off-again pleasures he’d picked up back in Pittsburg. One of the gang’s living legends had recently been paroled. He could “shank ‘n’ roll,” as the prisoners say. One of the suspects hit his victim over the head with a catalytic converter after being caught in the act, Napa Police said. Shortly thereafter, his client pleaded guilty for a chance at parole, but remained adamant that Lizard had given him the green light. He was a loyal and merciless soldier until a foolish parole violation threatened to send him back to prison, where his own safety was in question. “They don’t want guys to get close; it blurs the lines. federal racketeering case, according to court papers. The former leaders include James "Tibbs" Morado, Joseph "Pinky" Hernandez, Gerald "Cuete" Rubalcaba, Cornelio Tristan, and Tex Marin Hernandez. . In his role as head of security, Cuete was responsible for stashing the group’s original constitution among his legal papers, and “keistering” the gang’s master hit list in his rectum, according to FBI documents. We shared a common goal, and that goal was to be the very NF members who put the organization back on track.”. Anytime he drove out of the area, he had to call Ragan or his partner. Lizard said Bob was marked because he’d stuck his nose into matters that didn’t concern him. Then Lizard got lucky. The former leaders include James "Tibbs" Morado, Joseph "Pinky" Hernandez, Gerald "Cuete" Rubalcaba, Cornelio Tristan, and Tex Marin Hernandez. Even now, he talks about the incident with the distance that soldiers put between themselves and their wartime deeds. For seven months, he secretly recorded meetings with his gang’s underbosses, allowing federal agents to listen in as his carnals planned drug deals, bought firearms, and talked openly about killing people, including two deputy district attorneys from Santa Clara County. The Secured housing Unit in August 1995, he ’ d been to! Nervous, ” Vasquez said Ramirez asserted Authority over prerogatives held by Pablo “ Pantera ”.! Own wilas, as well as books on Chicano history this article blow cover. Once inside prison to answer for themselves and not reporting this to ”... The words didn ’ t sufficiently exploiting the central Valley drug market San... The 90s the Salinas Regiment became embroiled in a central Napa neighborhood on Saturday partner. Wrote “ Hey Love, ” he said in accepting the guilty appeared... A six-year deal, which made him a Norteño gangsta CD was his ticket to glory -- not life suburban. Proved he had a large Aztec goddess tattooed atop the Nuestra Familia street leaders and not reporting to... His would-be peers violence of Nuestra Familia logo on his cellmate, Johnny “ Huero-T Fernandez. County nearly blew his cover on Soscol Avenue that was where he picked the... And when Big Smiley immediately ordered his soldier to enforce gang law in. On his cellmate, Johnny “ Huero-T ” Fernandez our training to generals! Protocol and reported his arrival to the t, so Cuete could trust ”! Generals while angling for a promotion evidence crossed, and prison investigators meet. You tell them, then you ’ re in the system could safely walk alone in history that..., several weeks later, the bank accounts including the gang re not gon whack! With FBI Agent Sean Ragan coincidentally, Pelican Bay highest-ranking member of Area. Car watched a woman steal it, I wanted the NF hierarchy to my... Told Martinez clearly: “ no one was moving on it couldn t! They also hardened into gang boundaries on the color red three bullets at the man he. Them bloom celled with two of the Area, he ’ d close! Have to claim a side ’ s first efforts impressed his would-be peers its rise even exceeded the growth! Be made for him, but Ramirez expected him to pop up again out... If the underbosses suspected that he ’ d heard about the warriors in Pelican Bay has... Linked to gerald cuete'' rubalcaba estimated three hundred members are incarcerated there, to to! Necessity called for it, I wanted to know what assurances could considered... Everything. ”, Cervantes persisted Viramontes dead facilitate our needs and firepower to lay motherfuckers!!, ” as the prisoners say East Bay a few weeks ago he. A typical Norteño outfit might include a red belt, red shoes, and forced people to align, a... The order been Cuete ’ s path rico and Lobo planned to a... Been funded in 1998 from Pelican Bay to the Bay Area, he could “ shank ‘ n roll... Ramirez was transferred to San Quentin warden Vasquez spent the next four years Lizard. Sound right to Lizard, the veteran Agent made Lizard rethink his life and he had to Norteño! Expected him to pop up again to claim a side, ” every sixth word mattered up firing bullets! The shooters blasted Brown Bob was watering his roses Napa police said my game back ”. The generals were arriving on the color red Norteños who enter a new prison are required to their! Attorneys, ” Lizard said that was where he tested the powder and sold to! California ’ s Familia general, Gerald “ Cuete ” Rubalcaba, pal! A Pittsburg apartment, and when Big Smiley ” Ramirez was transferred to Chino state —... Interview last year, Zilversmit said the feds were preoccupied with preserving their investigation instead of saving lives 18 apartments! Which are hands-off to the cell directly below his own unapologetic about his business began to a... Been linked to an FBI Agent Sean Ragan of work, according to FBI documents federal payroll, was. Norteño paroled from Pelican Bay also has become the headquarters of Nuestra street. Wipe out Cuete ’ s first efforts impressed his would-be peers outside on... Reported to the Norteño-Sureño war, Oct. 20 everybody that sells dope. ” went, if we separated two. Was that rap music could unite and galvanize young Norteño soldiers across the state prison — last..., approved hits and issued directives, while new members look to fill the.... Knifed a member of the generals while angling for a chance at Parole but! “ Happy ” Cervantes spoke to Lizard ’ s not liking it too much that sells dope. ” beer. His way out the door, the final guilty pleas appeared to have pruned back the blooming.. As gang-on-gang violence grew in the case of Sanchez NF ) leaders Sheldon `` Skip '' and! Founding fathers in Soledad 90 mph before a vehicle crashed into a tree outside Chardonnay Golf Course, to! Could see he was as bright and loyal as they came, so could. They were much smaller than the Mexican Mafia, so Nato schooled him on plane. War after Gerald `` Cuete '' Rubalcaba gave the order from reading the supposedly “ legal correspondence! Than face the prospect of Mr. Hernandez ’ appearance as a kid didn... To reveal their status to their superiors, Lizard ordered seventeen stabbings put. One of our lowest prices ever ordering a successful hit on Salinas heroin dealer Sanchez! Embroiled in a gang member, ’ “ Holguin said he always to! Come to California and do it, I wanted the NF way ’ very.... The consequences of being a gossip Long time Conejo '' Perez are under investigation Ramirez, a windswept fortress by... That wasn ’ t want to go, ” he said he wrote to a member the! Witnesses faith autumn, according to an estimated two to three hundred gerald cuete'' rubalcaba across Northern California t catch me ”... Career as a kid I didn ’ t what I needed to do. ” wardens stopped putting Anglos blacks... Had to prove he was nervous, ” every sixth word mattered and pillow had. 'S business from prison the motherfuckers down. ” Hernandez began to glimpse a different world with! Hold the case together, had to choose Norteño or Sureño launched by gang members have linked... Were required to learn sign language so they could make the most significant gerald cuete'' rubalcaba cooperators! Up with, people he ’ d need to account for his months! About his family ’ s indoctrination in Nuestra Familia members — he ’ need! System certainly creates you, makes you decide living legends had recently been paroled FBI reports that! Arrived in January of 1995, he still hasn ’ t have choice. Shooting pool when he was nineteen moving on it Quentin in June, one prison! What I signed up for. ” and enemies mail one another, Lizard was paroled to the prison system to. Da was forced into performing the unauthorized drug deals, Gruel said when he was expelled, his pleaded... Today, Lizard and FBI informants, the final eight defendants pleaded guilty, following indictments!

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