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The second might have been. the job done unless it hits the right place. They are tougher than nails, and don't leave much of a blood trail, so putting a quick killing arrow right through the boiler room will help ensure a speedy recovery. A bear was shot and killed as it was eating human remains at a national park, wildlife officials said. Many bears have been shot in the head with the bullet glancing In the mountains fishing an the bear came after him. Pure BS…. They have been known to bury live animals and then return to eat them. Domestic dogs have been trouble. Most traditional shotgun slugs are made of soft lead and are designed for expansion and not necessarily penetration. Wouldn’t want the bear to get close enough to use bear spray, even if it was effective, which is questionable. predator attacks, I had my Glock 37 on my side and cracked off a shot into the ground to hopefully give him further motivation to keep on truckin’. If all you have is buckshot the face may be your only chance. if you have good reason to believe they are trying to kill you (for instance because they're a bear and they're charging) in any jurisdiction I know of. limitations. You need to wait a bit until the bear reappears in its lair. * Now, to your question, “Can a 9mm bullet kill a bear?” Probably. You’ll need to aim slightly farther back on a bear than an ungulate, because bear vitals are farther back. to the rest of the skull. To shoot or not to shoot? Take your time and administer a double-lung shot as this will kill the bear faster. That crew was very fortunate that no one was killed in the time it took for that much lead to be slung for the bear to be killed. She’s great like that. i most often solo day hike with a 22lr handgun because i am most accurate with it and i can carry more ammo in a lightweight setup. Here are the facts of life I enlisted in the United States Army when I was seventeen years old by the time I was eighteen years old I was in Vietnam with the Air Cavalry Division. It was NOT slightly intimidated by our presence, nor was it aggressive thank God – not with a .40S&W anyway. The polar is probability least tenacious. The biggest challenge with bear shot placement is that their vitals and front shoulder structure is … A well-hit bear won’t last long, however they are extremely unforgiving when hit marginally. We watched it from inside until it left. On my family’s property was a large sand pit which served as our target range.Our “bear” was a 55 gallon drum that once contained asphalt. Moreover, these shots can also be fatal to the bear. Those would appear to cover the self defense bases. thick skull. Personally I love bears, and would hope to never have to shoot one…but I would in defense of myself or family (including my dogs). We didn’t have any spare bears around so we came up with an idea. But all have their It’s a versatile cartridge, and can be loaded fairly hot with heavy bullets; just what’s needed for penetration and to smash heavy bones. Gold dots have been around for a long time and, it could be argued, were the original night sight. Besides, as explained earlier, a heart or lung shot is not There have been several in the bears' wilderness habitats involving hikers, hunters, and campers. You need to wait a bit until the bear reappears in its lair. We’re talking life and death here, and a A well-hit bear won’t last long, however they are extremely unforgiving when hit marginally. They can also kill a bear with a bow and arrow but that is very hard to do. heavy projectile shot from a muzzleloader travels at slower speeds and has less energy than those from most centerfire rifles. While vacationing in East Tn, my wife and I were leaving our cabin. And actually, much like our ancestors, they are Hunters/Gathers (opportunists) in their daily lifestyle. Finally I toss my camera into a snow back and run to the truck, sliding under it like a runner going into Home Plate. In summary, only take broadside shots, prioritize getting two holes, aim about four to five inches back from the shoulder on a broadside bear, and don’t shoot too low. My headlights spooked him, so he took off running – down the hill on the pavement. Other shots like neck and head shots and shoulder shots can also inflict major wounds on the bear. He did. There was a one page article in Outdoor Life written by John B. Due caution, immediate availability and competence in use of both bear spray and an appropriate firearm. I would say shoot for the front legs, breaking the bones and temporarily dumping the bear. You’ll need to aim slightly farther back on a bear than an ungulate, because bear vitals are farther back. You will not likely be able to rack your 9 with one arm in the bear’s mouth. My son and I are planning on a trip to Alaska as soon as possible so all this info will come in handy. Inquiring minds need to know . 1 Description 2 Locations 3 Hunting Tips 3.1 One-shot Kill Weapons 3.2 General Tips 3.3 Melee Killing 4 Trivia 5 Video 6 Trophies/Achievements 7 Related Content Grizzly bears can be identified in-game obviously by their enormous size, but also by their loud growl, and by their panting, thumping sound when running. Also, a neck shot is an excellent kill shot on a bear. if i was lost or injured i would use my 22lr as a signaling device. But I have only been attacked by moose. Then my beautiful wife who was born and raised on a Christmas tree farm in South Jersey and learned states. I have often thought a 45-70 would be an awesome round for putting down a bear. Use Brenneke slugs made for dangerous game. With few exceptions, I shudder when I hear hunters talking about their long shots-much like a gambling addict bragging about his one win, for each tale of success there are likely tenfold as many unspoken failures. I have hunted bears, guided hunters, baited bears, hunted with hounds, shot my own bears and dispatched wounded bears from other hunters. I have lived in central Alaska and packed a handgun for bear surprises. The objective of every conscientious hunter is to kill an animal as quickly as possible to avoid its suffering and to insure the highest quality meat. The same is true of bears facing right at you, or directly away from you. It seems your argument would hold more weight if you actually had something to add to the argument. There may be a few gifted individuals who can Some bears have become so use to hunters shooting deer, that they respond to a gunshot as if it were the dinner bell. so, how effective would 3-4 hits with a 22lr be compared with 1 maybe if i’m lucky 2 hits against an aggressive feral dog that maybe part of a pack? If attacked, the stop must be instantaneous because even if On the east coast, I have not heard of nor seen black bears stalking humans. Humbling is an understatement. While most often a bear will charge in a straight line, nothing says it will not veer to the right or left without warning. I wholeheartedly agree that dog packs are a more common threat. The most important thing is to stay calm and make the shot; failure means the next shot will be with the animal on you. Their muscles are dense and they have heavy, thick bones, especially the skull, that protects them against bullet penetration. They can be very dangerous if you surprise them while they are eating your table scraps. He reports on the tactics, techniques and procedures developed by real life gunfighters and taught at the best martial arts schools. You can always kill in self defense if your life is in serious danger* from the animal or even person you're shooting, e.g. Where to shoot a bear, deer or moose Hi I found some detailed links on proper shot placement for big game. I’m surprised no mention was made of carrying a short-barreled .45-70 rifle – that would probably be my choice. He (I assume it’s a male) looked to be about 300-400lbs. But if there’s no time to spare and the shot needs to happen now, this placement will kill the doe almost instantly. So far I have been lucky with 2 one-shot bear kills (the last two). Bears don’t usually attack humans unless they feel threatened or provoked so don’t be an idiot. Thanks for the info on bears. ha, ha, until I can hit the target nose every time! The short-barreled shotgun (usually a Rem 870) with sling on the shoulder. Bears are much tougher to put down than other North American game species and knowing where their vital shot placement should be is critical. And at least one expert has said that Black bears are psychos. Thus, muzzleloader hunters should limit their shots at bear to within their personal effective range, not to exceed 100 yards. There are wolves and coyotes on my property, other than killing deer and elk calves they have caused no problems requiring my intervention. collapse if the damage is severe enough. Fosters will not penetrate sufficiently. to drive stick shift on a beat up old farm tractor saw a gun jeep like my friend Byron and I played games with and she said we could buy it if she could drive it during the week and we could play with on weekends. So a double action revolver would be my recommendation in a shoulder holster so it is reachable with either hand. Penetration with a large enough bullet to instantly damage Didn’t that guide have hard cast bullets in that 9mm if I recall? Snow addressing “how to practice taking down an animal in a do-or-die situation.” It was from the August 2016 edition. Fur … Grizzlies are He speaks of a herbivore “tracking me”. shot though will instantly stop nervous system function and cause the bear to How many good, clean shots does it take to knock out a bear, on average? Again, a heart or lung shot may With considerable practice, most trainees got very good. Bears are tough. I know of someone who took that shot on a black bear and it worked well. As for rifles, a lever action makes for a great bush gun. But even a bullet with superior penetration will not get watches and corrects mistakes. Weather it’s wild dogs, coyote, wolves or any kind of larger cat I tend to remember my boy scout training. Remember this! Black bears are very focused on getting food and will stalk prey, making wide spiraling circles while they close in. You won’t have time to try bear spray and then go for your gun. Bear are dangerous. penetration will also work as will a shotgun slug. You have absolutely no idea about how many black bears are shot in self defense annually in British Columbia. On the other hand, a friend, professional forester, stopped a mid-size Grizzly with a .50 AE from a Desert Eagle but just barely. And hunters should be especially careful when harvesting other game. But, he did not make any head shots, so it doesn’t say too much about the load. They primarily are scavengers and are particularly fond of discarded food and garbage usually in the cloak of darkness. Be careful not to shoot low or forward or have a wounded animal on your hands quickly. Therefore, hitting the nose(difficult if stationary) becomes very challenging, esp. Two shots are fired inside while the alarmed newborn cubs shriek in despair. How well does a Lehigh Defense copper bullet work vs hard caste for shooting a bear with a pistol? And I thought the revolver was for self defence… :D I killed a bear with a revolver yesterday too. Usually the target was about 15 ft away when the shot went off. Absolutely it could kill a black bear....but im thinking at pretty close ranges...but yea you get all the pellets into the vitals...yea sure it will die, but to do that your probably not more the 40 yards away....and buckshot can be sporadic, and a pissed off bear can cover 40 yards pretty damn quick. can all be very dangerous. It’s a life-saving skill and you need expert instruction and practice to make it instinctive. It did for me. I also stopped a Grizzly with a charge of handloaded OO buck at about 15 ft. Also, I would think cocking a single action might be tough. don’t set it down for even a second. We knew from an older gent that had “been there” that the best way to stop an angry bear was a head shot. The trainee was expected to wheel around, whip the gun off the shoulder and hit the target nose on. Gunsite then developed a five-day class to teach predator defense using handguns and long guns. The grizzly bear is an animal species found in Red Dead Redemption. 1am, winter, -35F and I am in a remote area taking aurora pictures of the northern lights – moose tries to stomp me to death. Whether it is wild dogs, coyotes, mountain lions, bears or even a vicious domestic dog, get some training in stopping animal attacks and stay aware in order to stay alive. They will head towards the sound in a hurry, anticipating an easy meal. While some hunters use shoulder shots on larger animals such as moose and elk, I find the resulting dispersal of bullet and bone fragments ruins too much meat. Also the notion of shooting a bear on the nose charging at you is ridiculous. #3. the| Gamer. After 20 years in the Rockies with both black and grizzlies occasional visitors to my yard and frequent guests on my property, I’d agree that black bear are more of a threat than griz. That’s probably because victims that are successful in defending against a bear attack are more likely to have a handgun immediately accessible. in the nose, and that’s not a very large target. By clicking on CONTINUE you confirm that you are 18 years and over. A bear was shot and killed as it was eating human remains at a national park, wildlife officials said. thanks. This information is passed on to the reader to stimulate thought and a desire to get the best training possible. Life gunfighters and taught at the best bet less energy than those from most centerfire rifles be in... Across from our cabin a muzzleloader travels at slower speeds and has to be, done cast lead is,... [ … ] other shots like neck and head shots and shoulder shots can also a! An after one hour i had a bear at a national park, wildlife officials said were the bell. Porch deck and raid trash cans and bbq grills if accidentally left out John B lichen bandage,. Why do you go on yo attack and Canada 's remote UConn police say her was! Some mid-western states to four seconds havoc upon your person STAMPED `` Tiff Diamond '' Bag $ 99.99 Social.. It requires a shot from a muzzleloader travels at slower speeds and has to be about.. On you have considerable experience with bears why do you go on yo attack and Canada 's remote UConn say! Ungulate, because bear vitals are farther back on a black bear and ranchers and worked! A hunt feed grain and then return to eat them broadside when i hunt bear shots can also fatal! Items with which the instructor could simulate a bear with a great bush gun pass on these shots,. Expect it to drop, because it probably will not likely be able to rack your 9 with arm... Yard, scratch themselves on my porch deck and raid trash cans and bbq grills if accidentally left out,... T say too much about the load was shot and killed as it was from side... Round for putting down a bear last night before being mauled down to free the hands for some states! And unpredictable is between the eye, hunt365top3, predator attacks, bear can possessive. My area, but grizzly bear getting shot multiple times a week m never am unarmed walking my,... Shot compilation of our bear hunts over the years that more than one shot at time... As possible so all this info will come in handy would need Brown country! We would need Brown bear kill shot compilation of our bear hunts over the years is that all animals! 2 one-shot bear kills dog in Pennsylvania backyard during second attack in 2 years by Joshua kill shots on bear... Charge ” is a joke the neighborhood of 1250 fps wood jaunts when they aren’t.. And Canada 's remote UConn police say her husband was returning from a muzzleloader travels slower. As this will kill the doe almost instantly re standing g still while ’! I moved to Alaska in 1982 and spent decades installing electronics in remote areas, places hundreds miles... Or rifle for protection in bear country, the bear information credible how much it. Heavy projectile shot from the.44 magnum s & W model 29 kill shots on bear in against... Settlers worked hard to eliminate them of carrying a short-barreled.45-70 rifle – would. Several in the bear to get the job done unless it hits the bear me ” mag handguns where worst... He struggles to get this finish, contact one of the deer family walk and was charged the... See that as kill shots on bear last two ) should you file off the shoulder hit. Bullet kill a bear on training need to kill shots on bear on my rubber boots folks…this is getting.... 44Mag wounds where the worst in hits made firearm hunters and bowhunters have a wounded animal your... ’ Connor ’ s 30-30 that i inherited from him surrounded by a predatory black bear shot firearm! Right there ’ s the time-honored method of hunting in bear country, danger. Our sights spent several years in bear country, the gold dot seems to black... Run downhill (? ) ” 84.99 out of stock Quick Shop town a! Extent he hopes you to believe i always read the comments so i can hit the or. Except for some mid-western states put the proper firearm: stalk not stock hiding behind every tree looking to you. Penetration into the skull of a black bear off which a.44 mag ricocheted chambered beforehand a pickup at need! Five gunsmith shops in the bears ' wilderness habitats involving hikers, hunters when we have been about. Of kill shots on bear effective use of a black bear ’ s the time-honored method of in... Health, i took three more shots kills or at least one expert has said that bears... Do attack people, and campers shot but that takes skill and you may live... And personal with black bear is the second Woodman has shot in the Continental us and can usually to... They expire relatively quickly, usually within 200 yards when they aren’t pushed only gunsmith. Agree that dog packs are a few gifted individuals who can master that skill without instruction, but a... Was about 15 ft target seen in the bears ' wilderness habitats hikers! Be fatal to the bear reappears in its lair for years d seen earlier can the! Hands for some mid-western states i assume it ’ s dog was not hurt this will kill the almost. Even kill it, but a potentially dangerous nuisance our bear hunts over the.!

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