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There's another Gecko (green) flying over the gap past the towers that you glided over to get to this area as Spyro. Back home, you'll see another cutscene where you interact with Bianca. The final thing you can do before leaving is safely bomb all four of the Gophers 8/8 in this area; three are along the ground and one is high-up on the ledges where you got the last Baskets. Past the bridge, get the next Planes as they fly into you and angle right, flying through the top of the red barn for another Plane. You can find the Tiki heads in the Sargent Byrd bonus level scattered throughout the cavern. You'll sail down the river and have to shoot Rhynocs with Superflame before they get to the pandas. Unfortunately, Rhynocs have taken over the realm and exiled all the residents. It will then move back into the second area where the pandas lowered the bridge. Head out the other side of the cave and glide over the gap to grab a purple Gem, then defeat a Pickaxe Rhynoc and another Shooting Rhynoc (purple and green) and get two Baskets (gold and purple). Grab a purple and red Gem by it, then jump on it yourself and shoot the ice crystals on the raised platform and the ice wall across the ice to your left (2/6) as well as the two Vultures flying about here (two greens). Head back out to the main area and keep following the wall left to find another rock to destroy in front of a doorway; head through this one for two Headbash Chests (gold, two purples, two reds and three greens) and double-jump up the back wall to kick yet another cracked section of wall, this one hiding a giant room with six green Gems and a Basket (purple, 423/500). Spyro has been brought to the land of Avalar to defeat the evil sorcerer Ripto who has brought war to Avalar’s Homeworlds. Glide from here to the Slingshot Rhynoc (green Gem) and grab the green and two red Gems on the right; inside an opening on the right is Piranha Sign 4/8. Charmed Ridge - Shoot the temple windows There’s a couple of things missed inside the castle, so turn around and ride the Whirlwind up again. Get the Basket next to him as well (gold Gem, 57/500). Byrd and switch back to playing as Spyro by selecting the 'No, I'm off duty' option. Switchback Racetrack. As you take off, you'll unlock: Midday Gardens: Launch the Transporter Whirligig, Fodder: Chickens (dropped in if Spyro is hurt). Byrd here. Back there, Sing Sing will take you over to the Whirligig. Head back to the circular blue ramp and into the tunnel near it with another Basket (purple), then head up the ramp to the top. Turn around from there and head past the steps with the Bamboo Terrace portal to find the third one by the wall on the right, then go back to the river and jump over it to find the final planter to the left of the ladder. - worth 20 Gamerscore The last Gems to find here are on top of the circular ramp and atop those three towers. Now surface and head to those steps we passed earlier to head up into the next area. Byrd has dropped some lava rocks in, then when it's safe, charge one of them into Spike to knock some health off. Pay up and as another cutscene starts, you'll unlock: Once that's done, the portal for Sgt. Finally, head back towards the Bamboo Terrace portal to find a Powerup Gate on a ledge with two reds below it (379/400). Destroy a Basket (purple Gem) on a ledge below where the last Chest was, then fly up to a ledge with another Rhynoc and Basket (two purples). Stop in here and walk up the track to find an ice wall on the left, then Supercharge into this and through a Sealed Chest hidden behind it (gold, two greens and two purples). Cross back over the bridge and you'll see there's a purple portal on the left into one more side area (it was blocked by a wooden door when you were playing as Sgt. Use the rockets to … To get the ones on the circular ramp, skate off the orange ramp right by Hunter and jump off it, U-turning to the left to land back on the flat top of the circular ramp for a red Gem, two greens and a Basket (purple). Take the ball off Farley again and stand on the blue button with a platform on the ground by it; this lowers another platform on the left with another blue button. Back there, leave the room with the Balloon and head right to find the ice cave in the wall before going straight into the Icy Peak portal. Jump up the steps nearby to his left for the second Rocket. Grab another rock to spit at the Gecko over the gap ahead (green Gem), then glide over to another building with a green Gem and take the Whirlwind up to the top before gliding down to the giant Sorceress statue ahead. Replace the idol heads - Ryan - You need to be Sgt. Walk around this for five red Gems, then head past it into the wide-open space with a purple, two greens and three reds. You cannot open these chests until your character, Spyro the dragon, learns the headbash move. Wait until Sgt. This one gives you Superflame and Zoe will challenge you to use that ability to destroy all of the planters here for the last Egg. Head up the steps on the far end of the ice for a green and two reds, then Charge through the Rhynoc ahead (green) and flame the four Baskets behind him (four purples) as well as the Rocket that will break open a Sealed Chest to get to later. Top Contributors: KBABZ, IGN-GameGuides, AngieHarvey + more. Dive into the water here for a red and green and two Bottles (two purples), then jump back up and along the platforms in the water to take out another Rhynoc (purple). Now Spike will fire three balls at once and Sgt. Was someone able to do this challenge? Spyro™ Reignited Trilogy > General Discussions > Topic Details. Byrd for this one. Molten Crater: Assemble tiki heads You’ll be able to do this during Sgt. The twins here will challenge you to escort them through the area ahead, but don't talk to them yet as it's best to go through yourself first and destroy all the rocks blocking the path to make things easier. Now that we've freed Sgt. He also might run after you to try and pound you with his fist which is also easily dodged by Charging. Behind it, you can shoot a floating Bottle (pink Gem) and a Flying Rhynoc (green Gem) in the air. To get the other egg, help put the heads back on the tikis. At the top, Flame the three TNT Rats as they skate over the ice to you (three greens) and continue outside. First, we'll take care of the Time Attack. Icy Peak is a level in Spyro: ... Then, head towards the stairs that you have uncovered. Instead of putting the tiki heads on the bodies, gather them around on the biggest platform. First things first, Charge around and grab all four of the gold Gems in each corner here (200/200), avoiding the King's spin attack as you do so. Byrd blows a hole in the wall - Luna - Turn left as soon as you get into the tiki lodge and look for a crack in the wall. Byrd, you're able to pick up five tiki heads. Molten Crater: Assemble tiki heads (During Sgt. Head back out and fly immediately right onto the top of a building with two reds, four greens, a Basket (purple) and a Butterfly Jar. Glide out of it and take out the Warthog, then jump up the stairs to home before heading right over the wooden bridge to take out two more enemies and enter the now-open portal to Sgt. Ignore him for now and head right of him, along the wall to another grassy area with two Baskets and a Headbash Chest (green, two reds and five purples). Head right past that and over towards the blue barn for the last Planes. Glide to another treetop on the right, then look over to the left for a treetop with an Egg. In this wide-open room, take down the two unshielded spawners that you can (two purples) and grab a green, purple and two reds before flying over to the right. You can easily do this by heading straight off the ramp without jumping to fly off it and pull off a triple flip or roll. In here, you'll find two red Gems (309/500) and Moneybags. With all the Gems collected here, we can finally take care of the challenges, so crash to get off your skateboard and walk over to talk to Hunter. Also, if you assemble all of them on the platform where the Tiki guy is standing, you will get a skill point. [glow=red:0a9f018f7a]Molten Crater[/glow:0a9f018f7a]: go into the Sgt. Up in this next room, take down another two large Spiders whilst being careful of any smaller ones behind you, then grab another Key and two greens before flying over the button to deactivate the electricity around the spawner back in the other room. Last Edited: 20 Dec 2018 6:02 am. To the left of the Lava Toad on the left, floating above where you started the level is the last Bottle 6/6 (purple, 345/500). Flame it and turn around from there to find it behind a building ahead. Byrd level and instead of putting all the heads on their bodies, simply drop them all in one place so they start dancing for a short period of time. In the area with the thieves, there is a breakable wall that u can charge in. Past that, you can glide onto another Whirlwind where ice crystals were before; take it over to the pillar with the Gems from the Sealed Chest, one gold, two purple and two green, and another Egg 49/150: Glide to the Sky Island. raymanmaster. 5 Schmelzkrater: Sgt. Continue to the right, past the building, to defeat two Rhynocs and a Mosquito (red, purple and green), and over the water, grab a green Gem by the wall and two Baskets (purple and gold) by the next Piranha Sign 7/8 on the right. Fly up from there to take out another large Spider and grab another two purples by him (35/200), plus a Key and a Powerup Butterfly. Tiki Lodge is a realm within a realm that is located in Molten Crater, a realm that first appeared in Spyro: Year of the Dragon. If you've played the previous game, you'll be familiar with spitting: walk over the item, press to aim up at the red target above the portal and then press to blow up the target, opening up the portal for Enchanted Towers. Molten Crater - Assemble tiki heads. Head back to the steps by the bridge and jump up them for two red Gems, then take out the Mosquito (red) and glide over the bridge. If you've broken them all, you'll now get: Enchanted Towers: Destroy all the balloons. Once that's done, pick up the heads and drop them on the bodies spread around the room; be careful not to drop one into the lava or you'll have to go back to get it again. Continue back left for two Vases (two greens) and cross over the bridge to defeat two Gators (two reds), then on the other side, grab a purple and destroy Piranha Sign 5/8 on the right. Skill Point list and walkthrough. Fly over the portal at the bottom of the room to leave. Cross the bridge, pick up the two Red Gems, then check the lava to the right of the steps to find a ledge with two Purple Gems and a Basket with a Gold Gem. Facing away from the portal, look to the right to find two Baskets (two golds) next to a tree. Finally, look for a small blue vertical quarter-pipe right by the circular ramp (it has a skateboard right at the bottom of it); head up this without jumping to land in a little area, then turn left and jump off the orange ramp to land on top of the first tower. https://www.ign.com/wikis/spyro-year-of-the-dragon/Skill_Points Time to play as your next side character, Sgt. All rights reserved. Continue Supercharging along the track and jump over the gap to the Yellow Thief, then stop again before the next jump to find an opening on the left with a red, green and gold Gem. To start with, all of the Rhynocs are stood on top of ladders, so shoot them before the pandas climb fully up them. 5 comments. Grab a green on the other side and Flame Piranha Sign 8/8 and two more Baskets (two golds, 326/500). Tiki headed dudes and adorable seals require Spyro's help. Make your way back from there to that large outdoors area we haven't gone into. Head back to the ice we didn't go onto and skate on for a Rhynoc and three TNT Rats with a lone TNT crate (four greens and one purple) plus two red Gems and two Baskets (two greens, 236/500). Byrd's minigame. The portal back home opens up by her. Glide to the Whirlwind again and head left this time into the doorway. Fly up to the doorway leading outside and destroy a Basket (purple Gem) by it. Head into the corner to find a tunnel with another green, red and purple and take the Whirlwind past them up to a high platform with a green Gem and three Baskets (gold and two purples, 500/500). I also have all the skill points in spyro 2 & 3 It will then move back into the first building we entered at the start of the level. Now keep on with the race and hopefully you'll get in first place, but it might take another run as going for all the missiles can slow you down a bit, especially in the case of the third missile as there's a star boost in the bottom of that barn. We have to bomb all the Sealed Chests in the level for an achievement, so we'll come back for this one later. Head to the right past the steps for two Vases (two purples), then grab the two red Gems nearby the steps up to the Bamboo Terrace portal and go along the steps for five reds (one is on the floor at the bottom), two greens and two purples. Molten Crater: Assemble tiki heads (During Sgt. Sep 21, 2019 @ 4:19pm Tiki Heads challenge (Spyro 3) Was someone able to do this challenge? Past the last one, head up the ramp and destroy the Vase (purple) at the top, then take Farley's ball again and spit it over the gap into the doorway before standing on the blue button here to raise a platform and get Farley over there. Further down the path are two Gators (two reds) and Moneybags by a door; pay him 500 Gems to open it. 1a. Fly around to grab everything that's been dropped, plus a gold, two purples and three greens (173/500), and free Hummingbird 2/5 below the platform with the cave entrance. There are five tiki heads; though there are some flames around. To finish the challenge, you have to get 500 points from the ski jump. Gabrielle here will give you Egg 41/150: Clear the caves, before telling you that you'll have to use weights to open the security door ahead. As you get the last one of those, you'll be in line with the Cows in the distance; keep Charging over to them before jumping and beginning a glide to follow their path to the left and Flame them all as you go. The boss will just keep spinning around, at which point he's invulnerable, until you've destroyed all of the smaller Spiders he's made. Molten Crater - Supercharge the wall Here, grab two red Gems on the left before defeating another Rhynoc (green Gem) on the right with two vases behind him (two golds). Right after finishing them, turn immediately left and go through the window of the bridge below, Flaming the first Plane as it comes through. During the section of the level where you play as Sgt. That's the Impossible Tower. Before going to the building ahead, head right to grab two green Gems and three reds along the wall, then keep following the stone path this way to find two more reds behind the building; note the Sealed Chest in the corner for later. Run straight past the Gecko enemies here and head left to get a Vase by the bridge (purple), then go over the bridge and jump up to enter another purple portal in the cage. Head left from the portal to go outside and around the back of the building for a green, two reds, another Rhynoc (purple) and two Baskets (two purples). There's birds flying around the area that you'll also have to shoot or they'll cause you to drop the heads. Molten Crater: Assemble tiki heads This one is easy, yet time consuming. =Version1.0= |Table of Contents| (Use Ctrl + F to search) 1A.Introduction 2B. Surface and head over the bridge, taking out a Rhynoc (purple) and grabbing three reds and two greens on the other side. Instead of putting the tiki heads on the bodies, gather them around on … S3 | Head in the Clouds achievement in Spyro Reignited Trilogy: Cloud Spires: Glide for 5+ seconds (and land safely!) That will fully complete this level, so head into the building nearby and up into the portal for Sgt. Read GameSpot player reviews and contribute your own! The room past him contains two more Rhynocs (two purples), a red and three green Gems. Once he is available. 14. Head back along the river on this side past the ladder for two reds and two greens, then climb up that ladder for another red and green as well as Egg 39/150: Climb to the ledge. Take out another two Gophers 3/8 in the next cave where the weights were (one is on the raised platform in the middle), then fly up into the room before the caves to find a fourth Gopher 4/8.

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